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American Aluminum Extrusion is looking to expand its workforce by bringing in 130 new jobs. Due to our recent growth, three new extrusion lines will be installed at our new site in Roscoe, Illinois. The range of openings will include factory supervisor jobs, production manager jobs along with a variety of factory jobs. AAE knows that the success of our company is related to how dedicated our workforce has been in working towards excellence which is why we need the best-qualified people for the production supervisor jobs. If you are looking for an opportunity to work with a group of motivated individuals we recommend you apply for one of the factory production jobs at AAE. If you live near the Rockford area and want a position that rewards hard work, then apply today for our factory supervisor jobs.

Rockford Production Manager Jobs

If you have any experience with factory jobs or would like to apply for one of our production manager jobs, production supervisor jobs or factory supervisor jobs feel free to fill out an online application. The northern Illinois city of Rockford is focused on family, values, and growth. Residents and tourists find many exciting adventures waiting in Rockford including the Burpee Museum of Natural History, Japanese Gardens, and Rock Cut State Park. AAE is a national supplier of quality aluminum extrusions, aluminum shapes, and fabricated aluminum parts. So if you’re looking for consistent factory production jobs, AAE is just the place to apply.

Rockford Production Supervisor Jobs

If you want the opportunity to work with a group of motivated individuals we recommend you apply for one of the AAE factory production jobs. Our core mission is to provide superior quality aluminum extrusions, fabrication, and outstanding, individualized customer service. This means that we are also looking for consistent and dedicated people to fill the production manager jobs, production supervisor jobs, and factory production jobs. You will find a quick employment application for any one of our factory jobs or factory supervisor jobs located on our website. American Aluminum Extrusion values strong, long-term business relationships and hopes to have you as part of our team.

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